Must-See Car Events in London

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Cars are without a doubt necessary to all of us these days, but there are many people who are passionate about them and do not miss any event that is related to this area of interest. Some of them are collectors whereas others are passionate about these pieces of jewelry on four wheels. If you are in the same situation as well and you are visiting the beautiful City of London in the near future, then you must go to the wonderful car expositions that this city organizes. Here are the must-see automobile events you need to go to.

The London Classic Car Show

If you are a classic car owner, an expert, a collector, or just an enthusiast then you definitely must attend this exposition. There are so many beautiful classic cars displayed here that you will need to take your time in order to fully enjoy them. This Classic Car Show is a true British icon and if you are in the city you should not miss it. You will see there the wonderful Jaguar XJ220 Le Mans replica, Ford Sierra, Mustang 302, Porsche 962, and many other similar models. As mentioned earlier just take your time and do not hurry in order to pay attention to all the cars that this show presents. There are people who come from every corner of the world to London, especially for this event, which shows how important and interesting it is. Keep in mind that if you attend this event you need to wear smart clothes as other outfits are not allowed. The show has a very strict dress code that must be respected.


London Cartel International Auto Show

This is another wonderful car event in London that we highly recommend to anyone who is interested in cars and not only. These pieces of jewelry in wheels displayed here are amazing. The concept of this event is very simple ‘’Create the largest family of cars that the world has ever seen’’. This is actually one of the largest show grounds in England, and the sponsors are the biggest names in the business. All you have to do is to go and have the most amazing experience. Some unique features include live demos throughout the whole day, family entertainment, VIP areas, world food village, and world class. All these features make this event fun and pleasant, and not like real competition. It is all about passion. We suggest you that if you are traveling alone to this country and in particular to this event, then you must request the services of an escort. The city has many and by taking a girl with you to keep you company for the whole day will be a fun and enjoyable one. London is one of those cities around the world where escorts of many nationalities accompany different visitors to lots of events and not only. Therefore in case you are alone and you do not want to spend your time like that, then you can confidently search for an escort.


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