5 Best Cars Made in Britain

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There is no doubt that Great Britain is an amazing country from many points of view, including a car market that is continuously developing. If you are a car lover and you want to learn more regarding this area of interest, then you must have a look at this article as we are going to discuss a bit about what amazing cars England has made. We hope you really enjoy the following 5 best cars made in Britain presented below.

1. Ford GT40

If you like small and sports cars then you certainly love Ford GT40. This beautiful car has won four out of the 24-hour races on the spin, and it is made in England. It has a 4.7-litre V8 engine and an impressive design. With only two doors and a dynamic design, this amazing car is a loved one by lots of drivers all over the world. Even if you do not like to drive this type of cars you cannot say that it is not absolutely gorgeous.

2. McLaren F1

We stop at the same category of cars, the sport one, and show you a proper supercar, McLaren F1. This car has a top speed of 240mph and a6.1-litre V12 motor. Just imagine how fast McLaren F1 is. Obviously, equipped like that, there is no doubt that it costs not more and not less than £500.000 plus asking price. The design is also extremely sporty and dynamic. If you get the chance to drive such a supercar you will certainly be very impressed, in the most positive way.

3. Aston Martin

If you’ve seen the James Bond series, then you definitely know very well this car. If you don’t yet know, Aston Martin is made in Great Britain. It boasts a 4.0-litre engine and in comparison with the power of it, the car is quite small. However, it is without a doubt a jewelry on for wheels.

4. Jaguar E-Type

We can say that this splendid car is a fantastic combination of high-performance and beauty, not to talk about the fact that it has a competitive pricing. This model features 150 mph top speed, disk brakes, and an independent front and rear suspension. Furthermore, it also has a monocoque construction and rack-and-pinion steering. Even if this car was extremely expensive at the time it was made, you can buy this model in a good condition these days only for £50.000, which is great. All in all, British people are without a doubt professional when it comes to cars.

5. Mini

Mini is a 100% British car, well-known in the whole world for its complexity. It is loved especially by ladies and young girls due to its minimalist and elegant design. However, it is a car that is excellent for big cities. This model was a competitor in the race series, on the road and off-road as well. Mini is iconic to England and it certainly has strong reasons to be like that. Experts say that this model is the mightiest British car of all time, and that’s absolutely true.





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